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Posted By Admin on 08/01/19 - Bookmark Monster Curves Lifetime Discount

Well the title made that sound like this is the only pawg chick at Bangbros but that certainly isn’t the case, in fact they have an entire site dedicated to these honeys.

I tell you what though, despite the fact that I like staying in shape and that there really aren’t many things that makes me feel old, at least not yet, keeping up with urban slang is a different story. At my age the people in my social circle just don’t use words like pawg or thot, even something like memes isn’t necessarily as common tongue as it is for people just a few years younger.

You know what hasn’t changed though? What any of these name eventually refer to. Hot has always been hot and the same goes for sexy and most definitely for porn and guys like Bangbros has been on the money with it for a long ass time.

There are no mistakes to be made should you decide to grab a Pawg discount for up to 68% in savings and actually score the entire Bangbros network’s site thrown in for free.

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If there’s something that I have managed to learn faster than most in life it’s to live while you can and it is a quality or perhaps even a gift that I am very grateful for.

Far too often will you hear people complain as they get older that they should have done this and tried that and most of the time I believe they never did for silly reasons like being afraid of judgement, being shy, never making the time or even procrastination.

If you simply couldn’t afford it that’s a whole different story but you might be surprised how seldom that is actually the case.

Now, an orgy is one that may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I’m not sure if it’s something that I’d do more than once but that’s exactly the thing: How will I ever know if I never try it?

It’s definitely on my list of things to try and sooner rather than later because nobody wants a senior citizen at an orgy. 😀

Check out this $20 discount link for where it’s about so much more than just orgies, it’s high quality porn to the brim.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of big tits and asses. Curves are where it’s at, and all the best porn sites know it. Sure, there are some cute small titty girls out there and I’m not saying I wouldn’t fuck them if given the opportunity, but they just could never measure up to those busty beauties I jerk off to over at Brazzers.

If you haven’t gotten a membership to Brazzers yet, here is your opportunity to dive in and get your dick wet (and save a fuck-ton of cash). Brazzers features seriously famous pornstars like Jayden Jaymes, Priya Rai, Phoenix Marie, Julia Ann, Brandi Love, Ariella Ferrera, Nikki Benz, and Jewels Jade, but that’s just the beginning. Just for signing up through our link you’ll snag over 30 bonus sites including Pornstars Like It Big, Real Wife Stories, Racks and Blacks, Teens Like It Big, Brazzers Vault, Day With A Pornstar, MILFs Like It Big, Dirty Masseur, Hot And Mean, Jugg Fuckers, Teens Like It Black, and many more.


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Not really of course, the getting baptised by a killer dick that is, but the monster cock part is absolutely legit. I have always considered myself a little lucky when it comes to the trouser snake department, not that I’m huge but I’ve received some compliments from women I’ve been with but these guys make mine look like a play-play willy.

I read fairly recently that despite there being so many saying like ‘size doesn’t matter it’s the way a man uses it’ and so forth that the number one genre women subscribe to as far as porn memberships are concerned are massive schlongs sites. That’s just a dead give away of how nice they are being to us men, not wanting to hurt our feelings. The somewhat secretly really prefer a really big dick.

No matter where you stand on that though one thing’s for sure; it makes for great porn and on that note I want to bring to your attention that a discount for 68% off special is currently available that not only offers you a massive reduction in membership cost but unlocks the entire Bangbros network to you.


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I’ve been watching porn for longer than I care to admit so it’s always nice when I find good porn discounts. Anyone that has a healthy porn habit knows just how expensive it can get. The thing with me is that I like a lot of variety. They say variety is the spice of life after all. I guess you could say I have porn ADD. What you have to understand is that there are times that I’m with my girl and we watch porn together to get things heated up. Then there are times that I’m in a hurry while she’s in the shower and I need more intense stimuli to get things cooking faster.

Luckily for me, and viewers like me, I now know where I can go to get discounts no matter what kind of fix I’m needing. All in one central location I can get the best deals on everything from Perv Mom that satisfies all my MILF fantasies to King Unlimited for my much wilder side.


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Filth freaks is a network of porn sites that cover wide spectrum of mainstream genres with loads of exclusive content. The sites are no nonsense and gets right down to it.

Even though they do have some great pornstars, have no doubt, they also don’t participate in the competition to boast with the top list of current pornstars all of the time.There are so many sites and networks that do that, who try and showcase the work of only the highest ranked performance and I get that but I’ve never been a ‘let’s do what’s popular’ kind of guy so I appreciate what these guys are doing.

So you might not see top 50 names all that often but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be seeing any hot chicks, quite the contrary. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about porn it’s that there is an abundance of honeys willing to get fucked on film for cash. Thank our favourite deities for that.

Use this Filth Freaks discount for half off now and get complete access to the entire network of sites.

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Teenagers these days are crazy. I’ve never had children and I’m thankful every single day for that. I never even had a real scare. Most of my friends have children and I don’t know how they do it. I couldn’t handle their smart mouths and forever being rude and ungrateful.

One of my closest friends has a teenage daughter and this girl is smoking hot. It makes me extremely uncomfortable just being around her. I can’t get my cock to behave. I get hard any time her name is mentioned. I’m pretty sure my friend knows about it too. He never pushes the issue but he’s seen me around her. She has this huge tight ass I just want to bury my face in. I swore to my cock that if he’ll just be good then the day she turns 18 we can fuck the shit out of her. Right now you can save huge with a yearly discount to Teen Curves or and beat off as much as you wish.

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Let me introduce the gorgeous lady in the pic first because I know you want to see more of her.

This is Noelle Easton and she’s a 23 year old from Maine in the USA. Those mesmerising deep brown eyes are getting steep competition from the 38DD’s on her chest which she very clearly knows how to use.

She used to be a little chubby which honestly was very cute and now she’s lost quite a bit of weight and looks so sexy that I can’t help staring.

At Wankz you can expect to find every single one of your favourite pornstars as they cover every mainstream genre you can think of and have thousands upon thousands of videos in their archive for you to explore.

They are also currently running some great specials. You can get Wankz for 84% off with this discount which I find simply insane. Where have you ever seen a discount like that for anything else?

It leaves you with less than 5 bucks to scoop up a membership to one of the best mega-sites on the net.

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I found this deal for 74% in savings to while browsing around to subscribe to something new. I like to alternate between networks and sites, just to keep things fresh, I guess. The jackpot offers here lie in the longer term membership which are dirt cheap. I grabbed the $7.95/month yearly membership option.

For my cash I got access to one of the most established networks in the industry. They have been around since the late 90’s and the content library made available to me is simply huge. I’m not usually terribly phased about volume but on a long term deal it becomes a lot more relevant. There are more than 6,500 video scenes and well over a million pictures and fresh content is added multiple times per week, so no problems there.

The DVD’s and scenes are available in HD since the time it became an option and the pics are of crisp quality.

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Now who wouldn’t find a girl with monster curves hot? The answer is nobody as we all know why girls with nice big asses are so wild to fuck. Lucky for us these stunner don’t just have hot asses they also have big firm boobs as well and they sure know how to use them to their advantage.

The hot action from can be found on 240+ great quality videos, action so hot it will make you cum multiple times. These videos also come with matching photo galleries and you can stream the content or download it to keep. Being part of the Realty Kings network is great news for it’s members, not only do you get the pleasure of Monster Curves but you also get to access the entire Reality Kings network.

I want to make this one of the best deals you could ever wish for, not that you need it to join these round babes and their big firm boobs, but just in case use this discount pass here and see just how much you can save by using it!

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Paula has a real vavavoom figure. The woman is built like an absolute goddess. Not skinny, but far from fat. Paula has big juicy tits, an ample ass, womanly hips, and thick thighs. This is a woman built for pleasure. A treat for the eyes as well as the flesh, she is like a fantasy come true. Paula’s nationality is Spanish, but she lives and works in London as a very desired escort. The pleasure she provides comes at a price, but it’s not too much. £100 an hour to be kept company by such an enchantress is a steal.

If Paula isn’t available when you are, don’t fret. There are other curvy escort girls at Covent Garden hotels. All of these luscious women are more than capable of giving you what you need. So long as you have the cash ready, you can have the dream.


Brazzers is the hottest network pass you can get. They have lots of sexy babes with booty and huge tits. Some of those tits are real and some of them were made in a doctor’s office. Either way they are luscious enough to wrap around your fat cock and ride them until you explode in a bitch’s face.

Get the Brazzers lifetime porn discount now and start saving while you watch the best hardcore porn being produced!

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